2 | Sales Training

Our sales process is built into your REVOS CRM,
so following the steps is a breeze!

Set Brochure Meeting

As soon as a lead enters your pipeline, you'll want to call, text, and email them to schedule the Brochure Meeting.


If you cannot reach your lead right away or they cannot schedule the brochure call right away, then your lead will need to wait here until the brochure call can be scheduled.

Brochure Meeting

This is where the "Selling off the Brochure Training" comes into play. This is typically a 30 minute conversation where you present the plan to your lead and answer any questions they have.


If your lead isn't ready to submit their application on the Brochure Call with you, then they will need to wait here in your process until they are ready.

Submit Application

Most customers are ready to purchase by the end of the Brochure call, so feel free to skip the "Follow-up" step and submit the application to underwriting right away.

Pending Underwriting

It can take Underwriting anywhere from 3-6 business days to approve a customers application. Check your New Era Agent Portal every day to ensure that you can see the approval.

Counter Offer

Occasionally a customer will not be approved right away and will instead receive a counter offer. You will need to follow-up with your lead to see if they want to accept this offer.


Once your customer has been approved you can close their opportunity. Congratulations, you just made your first sale with Revolt Healthcare Alliance!

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